Controller Roster

Please note that the 'full name' field on this roster is dependant on the controller's name settings on the CZQO Core. As such, it is best to rely on the CID to determine whether they are on the roster.

CID Full Name Rating Division Status Certification
1306415 Chriss Klosowski I1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Instructor
1292706 Oscar Chui SUP Southeast Asia (VATSEA) (SEA) Active Instructor
1377213 Mohamed El Feky C1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Not Certified
1345200 Amin Abrahem C1 United States (USA) Active Certified
1314934 Yannik Zech C1 (EUD) Active Not Certified
1104855 Luis Mauricio Esparza Sanchez I3 Mexico (MCO) Active Certified
1352448 Andreas Manum SUP Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Certified
1407449 Leszek Kwasniowski I1 (USA) Active Not Certified
1334783 Kirollos Nashaat I1 (ME) Active Not Certified
1332767 Logan Waldman I1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Certified
1346088 Aidan Stevens ADM Canada (CAN) Active Not Certified
1066135 Anders Moen C1 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Certified
1394163 Gabriel Cevallos I1 South America (SAM) Active Instructor
1287927 Tom Sanderson SUP (SAF) Active Not Certified
1228495 Mark Walsh SUP Canada (CAN) Active Certified
1261552 Itay Gross C3 Israel (VATIL) (IL) Active Certified
993838 Matthew Cianfarani ADM Canada (CAN) Active Not Certified
1259722 Michael Uy C1 Southeast Asia (VATSEA) (SEA) Active Not Certified
1376159 Bailey Brown C1 Southeast Asia (VATSEA) (SEA) Active Instructor
1253785 Camden Bruno I1 (USA) Active Not Certified
1309237 Adar Polachek C1 Israel (VATIL) (IL) Active Certified
1320216 Patrick Buerhaus SUP Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Certified
885897 Richard Quigley C3 Australia (VATPAC) (PAC) Active Certified
1366901 Michael Gagnon I1 (CAN) Active Not Certified
1275389 Josh Glottmann C1 United States (USA) Active Certified
1233493 Nathan Power I1 Canada (CAN) Inactive Not Certified
1164695 Lucas Kakert I1 (USA) Active Not Certified
1186831 Dave Roverts I1 (EUD) Active Not Certified
1236623 John Bartlett SUP United States (USA) Active Not Certified
1330819 Juan Pablo Cobos I1 South America (SAM) Active Certified
1196485 che jackson C1 (USA) Active Not Certified
1343852 Cam Tyson I1 Australia (VATPAC) (PAC) Active Certified
1146085 dieter windels I1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Instructor
1306808 Raz Niv I1 (IL) Active Training
1312359 Alessio Nola I1 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Training
1302463 Greg Waid SUP (CAM) Active Not Certified
1211724 Enriko Michaud C1 (CAN) Active Training
1299635 Oliver Hayes C3 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Not Certified
1375048 1375048 C1 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Training
1106668 Tony Koch C1 (CAN) Active Training
1287969 Aidan McCoy I1 (ME) Active Not Certified
1380757 George Gyftonicolos C1 Canada (CAN) Active Training
1293257 Raaj Patel C1 United States (USA) Active Training
1361313 Erikas Batura C1 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Training
1365325 kwok mingyan C1 Southeast Asia (VATSEA) (SEA) Active Certified
1381405 Shane Friedman I1 United States (USA) Active Certified
1217663 Zach Biesse-Fitton ADM Australia (VATPAC) (PAC) Active Certified
1402756 Travis Chan I3 Canada (CAN) Active Certified
1335177 Jackson Gilliam I1 United States (USA) Active Training
1440612 jimmy chen C1 United States (USA) Active Certified
1306312 Brodie Murdoch C1 West Asia (WA) Active Training
1371840 Maher Abaza C1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Certified
1336925 Andrew Ogden I3 Canada (CAN) Active Instructor
1364284 Liesel Downes C1 Canada (CAN) Active Certified
860167 Christopher Carnett C1 United States (USA) Active Training
1350812 Dean Roy SUP Canada (CAN) Active Training
1138610 Rob Nabieszko I3 Canada (CAN) Active Certified
1267123 Peter Pare C1 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Certified
813710 Philip Dowling I3 Canada (CAN) Active Instructor
1353382 Tom Garland I1 Canada (CAN) Active Certified
813609 Brendan McCurry I3 Canada (CAN) Active Training
1275572 Jeff McMillan C1 Canada (CAN) Active Training
956216 Ben Stevenson I1 Canada (CAN) Active Certified
1328578 Patrick Gligo C1 Central America (CAM) Active Training
1011061 John Koranteng C1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Training
1420055 Benjamin Matthews C1 United Kingdom (GBR) Active Training
1288133 Jonas Richter C1 Europe (except UK) (EUD) Active Certified
1374915 Ken Dong C1 People's Republic of China (PRC) Active Training
1327729 hossein hanifi I1 Middle East (VATME) (ME) Active Training
1284785 Kells Moore C1 Canada (CAN) Active Training
1078026 Jagard Strong C1 Canada (CAN) Active Certified
1271734 Jiancarlos Paredes I1 Caribbean (CAR) Active Training
1210194 Elliot Skinner C1 United States (USA) Active Certified
1188307 Ryan Castle C1 Northern Africa (NAF) Active Training
1360406 Sam Hall C1 Australia (VATPAC) (PAC) Active Training
1001392 Daniel Oordt C1 Canada (CAN) Active Certified