Controller Roster

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CID Full Name Rating Division Status Certification
1336925 Andrew Ogden I1 NZ Active Instructor
1364284 Liesel Downes C1 PAC Active Certified
1151068 Kyle Watkins C3 EUD Active Certified
1377213 Mohamed El Feky C1 ME Active Certified
1228495 Mark Walsh SUP CAN Active Certified
1279035 Ethan Mason I1 CAN Active Certified
1306415 Chriss Klosowski I1 ME Active Instructor
1373921 Nikolas Goerlitz I3 ME Active Instructor
1173036 Jeron Bradshaw C1 USA Active Certified
1422054 Zack Ellett C1 USA Active Training
1334275 Bailey Pellow C1 CAN Active Training
1333905 Andre Almeida C1 EUD Active Training
1371840 Maher Abaza C1 ME Active Training
1382183 Samuel Litsas C1 SEA Active Certified
1309237 Adar Polachek C1 IL Active Certified
1227980 Mats Edvin Aaro SUP EUD Active Certified
1342084 Joshua Micallef I1 PAC Active Instructor
1292706 Oscar Chui SUP SEA Active Certified
1334783 Kirollos Nashaat I1 ME Active Certified
1345200 Amin Abrahem C1 USA Active Certified
1314934 Yannik Zech C1 EUD Active Certified
1104855 Luis Mauricio Esparza Sanchez I3 MCO Active Certified
1352448 Andreas Manum SUP EUD Active Certified
1407449 Leszek Kwasniowski I1 USA Active Instructor
1332767 Logan Waldman C1 ME Active Certified
1346088 Aidan Stevens SUP CAN Active Certified
1066135 Anders Moen C1 EUD Active Certified
1394163 Gabriel Cevallos I1 SAM Active Instructor
1287927 Tom Sanderson SUP SAF Active Certified
1261552 Itay Gross I1 IL Active Certified
993838 Matthew Cianfarani ADM CAN Active Instructor
1259722 Michael Uy SUP SEA Active Certified
1376159 Bailey Brown C1 SEA Active Instructor
1394209 Richie Queally C1 EUD Active Training
1312117 David Manson I1 CAN Active Training
1299635 Oliver Hayes C3 EUD Active Instructor
1253785 Camden Bruno I1 USA Active Certified
1320216 Patrick Buerhaus SUP EUD Active Certified
885897 Richard Quigley C3 PAC Active Certified
1366901 Michael Gagnon I1 CAN Active Certified
1275389 Josh Glottmann C1 USA Active Certified
1233493 Nathan Power I1 CAN Active Certified
1164695 Lucas Kakert I1 USA Active Certified
1186831 Dave Roverts I1 EUD Active Not Certified
1236623 John Bartlett SUP USA Active Certified
1330819 pablo romero C1 SAM Active Training
1196485 che jackson C1 USA Active Certified
1343852 Cam Tyson C3 PAC Active Certified
1194659 Alan Cooke ADM NZ Active Training
1146085 dieter windels I1 ME Active Training
1306808 Raz Niv I1 IL Active Training
1312359 Alessio Nola I1 EUD Active Training
1327540 Chris Raabe C1 USA Active Training
1302463 Greg Waid SUP CAM Active Training
1402756 Travis Chan I1 CAN Active Training
1211724 Enriko Michaud C1 CAN Active Training
1375048 Matan Budimir C1 EUD Active Training
1106668 Tony Koch C1 CAN Active Training