Roster Cleanout - March 2019

Liesel Downes 1364284 | Published 2019-02-24


Build 1902 of the website has been released, woohoo! A new dynamic and automated roster has been added, along with some smaller features.

As part of this update, all certified controllers will be required to re-validate their certification. You can do this by simply by going to your dashboard and clicking on the Verify your certification link in the CZQO Certification section. You will have until March 31st to do this, at which time any existing controller that has not verified their certification will be removed from the roster, and required to complete the Gander Oceanic training course again to re-certify. 

Please direct all questions to the FIR Chief Andrew Ogden via email or via a ticket.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Gander Oceanic Team