Cross The Pond Lite Eastbound Edition

Gabriel Cevallos 1394163 | Published 2019-02-23

Ready for one of the best experiences while flying over the Atlantic?

Gander Oceanic, in cooperation with the Moncton/Gander FIR and VATSPA, invite you to the Cross The Pond Lite, Eastbound edition! Depart Halifax in Canada early in the morning and arrive to Bilbao in Spain when it's already dark! We encourage you to come and fly this 6 hours hop, from Business Jets through A320's and B737's to B747's and A380's! Everyone can come with their favourite airplane and enjoy FULL ATC Service during the flight. Starting at 1300z, enjoy your radar services, and non-radar procedural control over the Atlantic, until 2100z. Do not forget to come, we are waiting for you!


Do you need help with Oceanic Procedures? No problem! Check out the Oceanic Procedures here: Oceanic Clearances & Position Reports.

Do you need the charts for the airports? Here! CYHZ (Halifax) & LEBB (Bilbao).


Are you CZQO Certified and want to control Gander Oceanic during the event? Send me a ticket with your name, CID and availability HERE.