Gander Oceanic

Cool, calm and collected oceanic services in the North Atlantic


This is the website for the VATSIM Gander Oceanic FIR. We're reponsible for the Gander Oceanic airspace in the North-Western Atlantic. Services for our FIR are also usually provided by Shanwick (EGGX) controllers, and vice-versa. For years, the Gander Oceanic area has been providing pilots with the coolest, calmest and most collected oceanic clearance services. From providing oceanic clearances to new pilots, to taking position reports from CTP veterans, this is where it all happens. Welcome to CZQO. Any questions or feedback about controllers? Contact us.


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EuroScope files updated!

Liesel Downes, 11 June 2018

The CZQO sector files have received a long needed update! Now you can use a setup tool to configure the new ES profile (.prf) with your VATSIM details. Voice rooms are now available in EuroScope, making setup easier. And callsigns and controller infos are standardized. Download the new files now at this page.

Staffing Changes

Liesel Downes, 31 May 2018

Hi everyone, as you may have heard, our Director Nate Power was recently promoted to VATCAN Division Director. Unfortunately, this means Nate will be leaving his role here at CZQO. With this, there will be some major staffing changes. We will excited to share this information with you when it is available.

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